Theodore Loizou, Managing Director of A.Th.Loizou & Son Ltd & ATHLOS System Integrators Ltd

Jun 10, 2017

Mr. Theodore Loizou, the Managing Director of A.Th.Loizou & Son Ltd and ATHLOS System Integrators Ltd, was interviewed by GOLDNEWS magazine providing inside in his management style and professional evolution through the years.
Quotes from Mr. Loizou illustrate the attitude and mentality owners and managers should possess to move forward:
“My management style involves delegating authority as much as possible… However, I am always available for advice if needed.”
“The two things that have influenced my leadership style the most are common sense and the belief that people should be given the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.”
“The biggest/most frequent mistake that managers make is that they overestimate their capabilities. They think they have all the answers.”